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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I apply?

Prospective parents should complete the application process as soon as possible for the following school year. However, new admissions continue throughout the year and summer until all spots in all classes are full.

How do I start the process?

To start the application process, a prospective family should review the school's website and contact the school's Director of Admissions.

What happens after we submit the application? How will I know if my application file is complete?

After a prospective family submits a completed application, the Director of Admissions will contact the family within a few days to schedule a classroom visit (Early Learner [preschool] parents visit the class instead of their children). K-9th grade prospective students come for a partial or full day visit depending on their age. After the visit, the Director of Admissions will follow up with the family to share feedback and make sure that all of the family's questions have been answered.

When do we find out if our child is admitted?

For class openings, the school makes decisions on a rolling admissions basis (i.e. shortly after the family completes the application process) throughout the school year and summer. If space allows, the school also accepts students mid-year. Please contact the school's Admissions Director to find out if there's a space in a particular class.

Are any applicants given special consideration? Do siblings get preference?

"Priority" or special consideration is given to siblings of already enrolled Foothills students and children of faculty and staff members. For priority status to take effect, a family must complete certain steps in the application process by a certain deadline, which the Director of Admissions will communicate to families.

Can you accommodate students with special learning needs?

Foothills School can accommodate students with certain special learning needs in some cases. However, the school does not have the resources to serve the needs of all students and must consider families' needs on a case-by-case basis. Parents should talk with the Director of Admissions about the specific accommodations that the school can make.

What does Foothills look for in a student?

Foothills looks for students who get along well with others and can thrive in a collaborative, Project Based Learning environment. Students who are motivated to succeed in school usually flourish at Foothills. Typically, students who prosper in a creative, community-oriented school and whose families can partner with the school to support their child are the most happy and successful at Foothills.

How are applicants evaluated?

The application process at Foothills is primarily designed so that prospective families get an accurate picture of the school to help them determine if their child would thrive here. At the same time, the Admissions Committee for each class determines whether or not it believes that a student will be successful at Foothills. When making admissions decisions, the Admissions Committee takes into account interactions with the prospective family; the student's application, teacher observation form (K-9th), and school records (K-9th); and observations made during the classroom visit. The school also tries to balance the ages and genders of students in each class wherever possible. First year preschool students must be three by September 1 of the year they are starting; they must also be potty trained.

What can we expect during our visit to Foothills?

During a family's initial tour of Foothills, a family can expect to meet with the Director of Admissions for about an hour to talk about their child and what they are looking for in a school. The Director of Admissions will provide an overview of the school as well as answer specific questions about each class, then the family will tour the entire school with the Director of Admissions to see classes in action. At the end of the tour, the family will be given a prospectus packet that includes a welcome letter, an admissions checklist, an application, a teacher observation form (K-9th), a student records release form (K-9th), school profile information, tuition and financial aid information, and school contact information. Often families also are introduced to the Head of School.

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