Study of the arts is an essential element of every student's experience at Foothills.  As educators, we know that the study of the arts enhances student learning in every domain and we will not relegate our arts experiences to rare electives programs or after-school experiences.  The arts are relevant and critical to student achievement and every Foothills student receives instruction several times a week in fine art and music.  


Visual Arts

Every student at Foothills learns about movements in art history, and methodologies and material in fine art creation.  Additionally, art experiences are tied directly to the inquiry-based "big questions" that students are asking in the academic classroom.  Students learning about the body dissect it through figure drawing and exploring Cubism.  As children explore the animal world, photography and line-drawing become a new way of seeing.  Pottery, glazing, fiber art, batik, print making -- and so much more -- are all part of the art curriculum.


Performing Arts

Dance and Dramatics are important languages of children.  These languages can facilitate confidence, collaboration, and self-expression.  Research shows that physical movement builds the framework for cognition and proper brain development.  This is true at Foothills.  Combining Performing Arts with Project Based Learning reaches more students and gets them excited to learn in new ways.  At Foothills, we know that integrating Performing Arts into curriculum amplifies and deepens learning.  It also helps us to create community.  When students start their day with a song or dance, everyone can participate even if it is as an audience member or a listener.  We are all invited to have a place at the circle.  Performing Arts teaches us to be better prepared for the 21st century.  We learn that collaboration is not cheating, but a creative course to get somewhere we could not have traveled alone.  

An independent school serving pre-school through 9th grade.

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