Thousands of students have passed through the doors of Foothills since our founding in 1992. 

In 2010, we completed a survey of a cross-section of our alumni, gathering data about their lives after Foothills.

Alumni by the Numbers

96% - Alumni who went to college straight out of high school

3.76 - Average high school GPA

88% - Alumni who took AP (Advanced Placement) classes in high school

45% - Alumni who took 5 or more AP classes

62% - Alumni who give back to the community through volunteer work

60% - Alumni participating in high school arts programs

64% - Alumni participating in high school sports programs

51% - Alumni who achieved awards for academic excellence in high school


A few comments from our alumni:

Foothills helped sculpt my belief that education should be both fun and challenging. I developed a strong skill-base and love for math and science at Foothills, but I also had creative outlets and a lot of fun. Foothills gets that balance of providing intense, higher level thinking with things like, spring trips [I went to Spain, Canada and California], which are meant to be more relaxed. Now in my life, I try to maintain a balance between logical and creative outlets; that’s something I took from Foothills that I’ll always have.


[Foothills] helped prepare me in a lot of ways. I gained a lot of independence at Foothills. It was definitely different from other school experiences--it was challenging, interesting and prepared me to know how to learn. Foothills teachers value your ideas and encourage students to use their own creativity and intelligence to learn through experiences, rather than just giving you factual information alone. I value the curiosity at Foothills and that the school makes you want to challenge yourself, and the teachers want to challenge you. I think just being in that environment fosters a lifelong love of learning. I appreciate that we traveled. I also value that I grew a lot socially and individually at Foothills. School is a big part of your life and it’s important to enjoy what you’re doing and to learn to make the most of your opportunities.


I value the emphasis on being a good person. You learn to care about the environment, your community, doing quality work. You believe that if we all contribute we can make a difference. Foothills always asks the greatest questions. The school encourages students to look deeper into things--to learn the importance of knowing and knowledge--to not only become a good student, but to be a good person.


I felt prepared academically for my transition to Boise High. I had a good foundation from Foothills and was especially comfortable writing, giving presentations, working in groups, managing my work load and knowing how to manage big projects. At Foothills, I learned how to think critically and to be open, reflective and understanding, and those skills continue to serve me well.



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