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A Private, Independent PreK-9th Grade school in downtown Boise, Idaho. 

The Admissions Team at Foothills School consists of the Director of Admissions and Communications, classroom teachers, the Head of School, and our Learning Specialist as needed. Our Admissions Director communicates with families during the application process and makes herself available to help families at any step in the process; she also communicates admissions decisions to parents.

When making admissions decisions, the Admissions Team takes into account its interactions with families, information from a student's application and school records, a recommendation from a previous teacher (for K-9 students), and our team's observations from the student visit (K-9). To complete the application process, Early Learner families complete a classroom observation visit on their child's behalf.

The Admissions Team seeks to admit qualified students who are a good match with Foothills' mission, values, and educational program and who meet our admissions criteria. The school also takes into account its interactions with students' families during the application process.