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A Private, Independent PreK-9th Grade school in downtown Boise, Idaho. 

What Does it Mean to Be a Foothills Alum?

Foothills alumni epitomize playful, poetic, and profound learners. They know themselves well, know what they stand for, and have the skills, intelligence, and initiative to go after what they want in life.

After Foothills, our alumni shine as students and leaders, in sports and extracurricular activities, in theater and debate, and as active community members. Foothills alumni are not only exceptional students--they are exceptional people! 

We are proud that our alumni are discovering what they love and finding happiness and purpose in their lives at a young age. We believe this is the way to realize greatness, live a balanced, healthy life, and to feel propelled to do good things for others.

What Do Alumni Say About Their Time at Foothills?

"Foothills helped me unearth my love for adventure. Project-based learning and independence allowed me to truly explore my interests without the fear of grades or ‘failure.’ Through seminars on War and Peace, short story playoffs, designing an interactive mural for the local homeless shelter, and class trips ranging from locations off the Oregon Coast to service work in Belize, Foothills taught me how to follow my curiosity and ask profound and engaging questions. I was continually challenged by my peers and teachers, who encouraged me to feed my fire."

"I feel confident in my abilities because my Foothills classes tackled such rigorous topics for our grade level. This academic confidence has continued throughout the rest of my life."

"I would not be the person I am today without the community and support I found at Foothills. I began my education there as a quiet and timid girl who was afraid to speak up in class; I left an active and passionate participator in classroom discussions, with a newfound confidence in my own voice. It was Foothills' community and dedication to the spirit of inquiry that instilled within me the confidence and curiosity I needed to take on the outside world."


"Foothills gave me all the critical thinking skills I need to succeed in high school. Anyone can be smart, but it requires a Foothills' education to be an adaptable and a true critical thinker.

"Too often, kids get treated like kids. Growing up, I often got the impression that I wasn’t old enough to be smart. Foothills never saw me that way. In the classroom, my opinion was valued, and because of that I felt heard. I was allowed to feel strongly about the world, and in doing so, I never doubted that I was capable of changing it."