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A Private, Independent PreK-9th Grade school in downtown Boise, Idaho. 

We see Foothills parents and guardians as our partners in their child's education, and we want to get to know families well. Like their children, Foothills parents are often looking for a community where their voice matters, people are friendly and supportive, and their child's school experience mirrors their own beliefs about education. 

Foothills encourages parents and guardians to participate in the life of the school in ways that work for them, and we want families to feel comfortable communicating often with us about their family's experiences at the school.

“My child has never fit in until we found Foothills. It feels like she was born to go there. Her strengths are nurtured and recognized, and her weaknesses are adequately addressed as goals to work on and through. Her teachers are proficient and professional and connect with their students on a deeper level. The staff and admin care about each child individually and will do anything for any one of them. Students become the forefront, as opposed to tests, and children are valued for more than test scores. I am so beyond elated that my family found Foothills. It is worth every penny.” ~5-6 Parent