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A Private, Independent PreK-9th Grade school in downtown Boise, Idaho. 

We care about children as individuals and great thinkers. Because our learning community is small, we can take the time to get to know students well and personalize their education to best meet their learning needs.

To do this, we place a high value on relationships and take the time to get to know who students are as learners and people. When teaching students, we take into account students' unique personalities, learning styles, strengths, and areas of challenge, so that we can help each child feel understood, challenged, and successful.  

"I appreciate the nurturing environment that Foothills provides. It feels cozy like it was built up from a kid’s perspective of what a good environment is. When my children first moved to town and didn’t know anyone else, they got individual attention and people really cared about them.They were in Upper Elementary through Jr. High which is a really awkward time. I feel like the teachers gave them a strong social and emotional foundation to do well academically. 

I’m happy that they were in an environment that had a diversity of experiences. Foothills is a safe space for kids to talk about their identities. There is so much focus on autonomy and creativity. They can be who they are and they have the freedom to express themselves in whatever way they need. I saw examples of this expression socially, artistically, in debate topics, in short stories, through their mentorship projects, and in the way that the student council organizes around things they want to support. There are more ways to be expressive than in a typical school." ~Alumni Parent