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A Private, Independent PreK-9th Grade school in downtown Boise, Idaho. 

Our Lower School consists of our Kindergarten class, 1-2 class, and 3-4 class. Foothills believes that learning should be fun and challenging and that it's important to equip students with learning tools and experiences that allow them to learn how to think for themselves and enjoy learning. 

The Lower School experience at Foothills balances the developmental needs of our students with their potential to grow and expand their learning. Our hope is to challenge students without frustrating them. Foothills wants to inspire students to do their best work and learn how to use their skills, content knowledge, and thought processes to research, express new understandings and feel confident about themselves as students.

Foothills teachers work together to create a well-rounded, creative educational experience for students that ignites their passion for learning. In addition to their homeroom teachers, students spend time on a regular basis with teaching specialists in Music, Visual and Performing Arts, and Spanish and Global Studies.