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A Private, Independent PreK-9th Grade school in downtown Boise, Idaho. 


At Foothills School of Arts and Sciences, we ignite a passion for learning through a progressive approach to education. In this vibrant learning community, education is an active and collaborative experience. Through a challenging inquiry based curriculum, Foothills students explore their ideas and develop curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, and confidence. Embracing each individual's unique strengths and contributions, we guide children to know themselves and to understand their role in a global community.


To provide a transformative progressive education.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Foothills School believes that a diverse school community is essential to education and that such a community includes a spectrum of differences in race, religion, national or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, and learning style. To this end, Foothills' admissions and hiring practices strive to recruit, enroll/hire, and retain as diverse a population as is feasible in the community. 

Foothills School believes that each student, parent, staff member and visitor is entitled to an equitable and safe environment, which promotes acceptance and appreciation of oneself as well as others. The school creates an environment where individuals feel included, respected, and able to express their opinions while at the same time learning from others' perspectives. In addition, we believe that a diverse environment develops in students the skills and attitudes they need to understand each other and to act with justice and compassion - skills that will prepare our students for our diverse world. 


To empower our students, we value:

--Individuality - respecting students' unique strengths, talents, and challenges

--Creativity - inspiring expression, curiosity, and critical thinking

--Community - promoting communication, cooperation, and collaboration


Programmatic Pillars

Curiosity & Critical Thinking

We foster curiosity and invite inquiry by providing space for students to pose questions and follow their interests. We believe the experiential and hands-on nature of project based learning is the best way to nurture a love of learning, prepare for future challenges, and develop meaningful and relevant connections among subjects.

Personalized & Student Centered Learning

We know our students as individuals, support their unique paths, and personalize their education so they develop into their best selves. We believe that fostering deep, safe connections
between students and teachers supports authentic self-expression, increased engagement, and better learning outcomes.

Community & Citizenship 

We cultivate empathy, compassion, and advocacy by weaving social and emotional learning and mindfulness into our curriculum and daily interactions. We encourage students to take initiative as caring citizens of both our school community and the larger global community.

The Arts & Sciences

We believe the study of the arts and sciences is essential to understanding the world we live in and our place within it. Through our math, science, visual and performing arts, literacy, Spanish, and humanities programs, we integrate all four pillars to provide a comprehensive and challenging academic program.