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A Private, Independent PreK-9th Grade school in downtown Boise, Idaho. 

"One of the most valuable aspects of my children's experience at Foothills is the culture where their learning and development took place. At Foothills, it is OK to be interested, it’s OK to be kind, it’s OK to be quirky–we’re all a bit quirky whether or not it’s apparent on the surface. You are more prepared to bring who you are into the world if you come from a place where it’s safe to be who you are. Both of my children are more grounded now because of the environment and the people who surrounded them here at Foothills." ~Alumni Parent


Foothills PreK-9th grade students are full of life and energy and are truly engaged as learners. They are kind, confident, fun, curious, and know how to work well with others. They love school, continually ask great questions, think deeply, and are motivated to do their best work. 

Foothills students are brave and thoughtful, and take risks in their learning, knowing that their community will be there to support them. They promote a school culture that is kind and inclusive.  

Students at Foothills become known for their unique strengths and contributions; they also gain an important sense of belonging and develop an appreciation for the differences we have that make us a stronger community.