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A Private, Independent PreK-9th Grade school in downtown Boise, Idaho. 

“I like how it's a really safe and open environment for students and teachers. I also love the spring trips and field trips we take because we get to have these amazing experiences, learn new things, and see cool places with our friends.” ~Jr. High Student


Progressive schools, like Foothills, exist across the U.S. and date back about 100 years, when Educator John Dewey first started a movement of progressive education. Dewey believed that children thrive in schools where they can interact and experience their learning first-hand, rather than sitting at desks all day while teachers give them facts and figures to memorize.

Like Dewey, we believe students should spend most of their time in school being active as learners, rather than passive. We want them to learn through doing and experiencing rather than simply being told what to do. And rather than measuring student learning through high-stakes standardized tests, we believe students should demonstrate their learning in more authentic ways, through presentations, performances, writing and conversations, and ongoing teacher assessments. 

We believe this progressive, active approach to learning is how our students will be best equipped to become innovators, creators, thought leaders, and eventually happy adults who know their bold voices and contributions matter.