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A Private, Independent PreK-9th Grade school in downtown Boise, Idaho. 

Foothills' talented, committed faculty reside at the heart of who we are as a school community. As a group, our faculty has an incredibly long track record of teaching at Foothills and are proven leaders who care tremendously about our students and community.

Our teachers and staff are dedicated to Foothills because they believe in our mission and values; love children and believe they are capable of great things; and enjoy working in a collaborative, innovative school.

While being a teacher at Foothills requires extra creativity, ingenuity, and willingness to always grow and improve as a teacher, Foothills teachers also enjoy a high level of autonomy and collegiality. They are respected and trusted as teaching professionals, and they form strong, lasting relationships with their students, students' families, and coworkers.  

Learn more about our faculty here.